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For the contest holders

1. A customer pays the administration fee (10 percent from the price) by confirming, that he will indispensably choose the contest winner and pay the designer the full price after the contest.
2. After the contest, the customer will receive the contacts of the winning designer and must immediately get in touch with the designer and agree on the payment.
3. A contest holder can alter the information about the contest only until the announcement (payment) of the contest. After announcing the contest, only small changes of the requirements can be made (this information can be given by the customer in the comments of the contest).
4. A customer has the right to express his opinion – to rate, comment the works of the designers while the contest is “Active”.
5. After the contest, the customer may require changes or additional work from the winning designer only upon their mutual agreement.
6. The price for the “Active” contest can be increased (but cannot be decreased) under separate agreement with the administrator ( please, contact us here – info@designsmithy.com)
7. If the contest is “Incomplete” (if there are less than 10 different designs submitted), a client has the right to require to extend the contest by 7 days.
8. The contest can be extended by 7 additional days and the price will increase by 20 EUR (not more than 3 times), or if the contest is “Incomplete”.
9. If a customer cannot choose the contest winner after the contest, the contest can be extended by 7 days without any additional fee (this extension is valid only once).
10. After the deadline of the contest and if the contest is “Incomplete”, the customer must choose the winner within 3 days after the end of the contest.
11. If a customer does not choose the winner within 3 days after the contest, it is done by the administrator taking into account the rates of the sent designs and also the comments.
12. The website www.designsmithy.com is only an intermediary between a customer and a designer, ensuring preparation and administration of the design contest. There is a fee of 10 percent of the price for administrative services, which is also used for identification of a client, covers the rent of the server and other costs.
13. The price of the contest should go to the winning designer and this is a customer’s responsibility.
14. The website www.designsmithy.com assumes no responsibility for ensuring the contest holder’s payment.

For designers

1. A designer can publish only 100% original works, taking a full responsibility for originality of the work.
2. The uploaded design has to be of .jpg, .gif or .png format.
3. The design must be created using the vector programme “Adobe Illustrator”, “Corel Draw” or similar (PhotoShop programme is not allowed).
4. Only one design example can be uploaded at a time. Other variations of the design should be uploaded separately.
5. After the contest, the winning designer must send to a client the archived (in ZIP format) design files within 3 days.
6. In case the design will be used for print (for example, logos, business cards, flyers and so on…), a designer must provide a vector EPS file, as well as a file of JPG, PNG (transparent background), PDF and fonts.txt, involving the names of the fonts used in the design. If the design is not used for print, the designer has to send a .PSD file, archived in .ZIP format.
7. If a designer does not send the design files within 3 days, the contest can be considered as “Incomplete”, and in this case it can be extended by 7 additional days, or the designer gets a half of the price and the winning design is redrawn in vector format by another designer.
8. After the contest holder confirms the working files of the winning designer, the designer receives the price of the contest, excluding the 10% of the administrative fee.
9. It is strictly forbidden:
1. To copy concepts of other designs, participating in the contest.
2. To use illustrations, except the case when a copyright of illustrations belongs to a designer.
10. A website administrator can remove the designer’s works without a warning.
11. Designers can be banned from the site without a warning for violating the contest rules, copying work or other inappropriate behavior
12. The website www.designsmithy.com assumes no responsibility for ensuring the contest holder’s payment, but it is concerned that the payment would occur.

Terms (wording)

“The customer” – contest organizer (holder)
“The designer” – participant of the contest
“The design” – the submitted work of the designer involved in the contest
The contest “complete” – the contest is considered fulfilled if there are more than 10 designs.
The contest “incomplete” – the contest is considered not fulfilled if there are less than 10 different designs.

Status of the contest

Inactive – the contest is not paid for and it’s not published on the website.
Active – the contest is paid for and published in the website.
Expired – the deadline of the contest is met, the selection of the winner is in progress.
The winner is selected – the winner is chosen, the customer is waiting for the design files.
Completed – the contest is over, the customer got the design files.